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Gang Related Activities

Students participating in gang-related activities or who wear or carry apparel that symbolizes or advertises gang association will be warned and asked to stop the behavior or remove the apparel. Repeat offenses will result in suspension and removal from the regular Park West / PAS@PW High setting. If harm comes to any student because of the above, the instigating student will be recommended for immediate suspension and possible expulsion.

In an attempt to cut student involvement in gangs or gang activity, the Pomona Unified School District has adopted the following student dress regulations:

1. No gang-related jewelry, insignias, colors, materials, apparel, clothing or attire may be worn or carried on campus or at school activities. Also prohibited are gestures, manner of grooming, any trademarks, or any other attributes, including arrangement of hair or clothing, which denote membership in such a gang or group.

2. No hats or other head attire may be worn in the building.

3. No articles of clothing (including, but not limited to. gloves, bandannas, shoe strings, wrist bands, jackets or jewelry) that are likely to provoke others to acts of violence or that are likely to

cause others to be intimidated by fear of violence, may be worn on campus or at any school activity.

Gang-related clothing, apparel, attire, jewelry, insignias, colors, paraphernalia and materials may vary from school to school, and may change from year to year. At the beginning of each school year or upon enrollment, the parents or guardians shall be provided a copy of the Student Dress and Appearance Regulations and Implementation Procedures.