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The counseling and guidance program is an integral part of the total school educational program. Prior to registration, students cumulative records are reviewed by the counselor, and an initial assessment is made of student needs, which is the beginning of a continuous process while the student is attending Park West / PAS@PW High. The program is designed to meet the personal, social and educational/career needs of the students.


The guidance and counseling program at Park West / PAS@PW is designed to meet the personal, social, educational and vocational needs of students. The program of services enables students to develop proficiency in the areas of understanding and relating to other people, self study, developing strength, self worth, problem solving and decision making, using career and educational information, and applying for and keeping a job.


Students may take up to seven (7) classes per day, as well as APEX. The potential for earning credits is greater with more than five classes daily. However, students must petition to take additional classes and/or APEX.

Program Changes

Each time a student starts a newcourse, even if it is with the same teacher during the same period, a program change form will be completed. This ensures that the student is in the correct course of study.

All program changes are made with the Guidance Office. The counselor completes a program change when a student completes a class. A student is not permitted to take more than two courses of a sequence with the same teacher consecutively. The counselor may also be asked to change a student's class or schedule by an administrator due to special circumstances.