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Park West/PAS Counseling Department

Welcome to Park West/ PAS Counseling Department
The vision of the Park West/PAS School Counseling Program is to empower all students to transition successfully from high school to post-secondary education and careers in the ever-changing 21st century world. Students will acquire the necessary skills in academic, college/career, and social/emotional development, so they can contribute meaningfully and productively in society. Through a multi-tiered support system and in partnership with all stakeholders, Park West/PAS School Counselors will empower students to embrace life long learning opportunities that will enhance their lives as productive, responsible, collaborative and contributing community members, by advocating for themselves and others, pursuing equality and justice and challenging themselves to be the best they can be.
The Park West/PAS Counseling team's mission is to deliver a comprehensive school counseling program that advocates for all students to achieve academic and personal success. Park West/PAS Counselors empower and aid all students in graduating high school. We work together with students to develop  academic/career goals to assist in the transition after high school. The Park West/ PAS counseling department provides small group lessons, classroom lessons, support group counseling and individual support. Our program is data driven to meet the academic and personal needs of our students. Our team incorporates a holistic and innovative approach to education. We promote academic and social/emotional interventions that break down barriers to a student’s academic success and emotional well being. The counselors strive to facilitate a counseling program that promotes a self-efficacy mindset that navigates current academic and future goals within the college and career settings.

All Students have access to a comprehensive school counseling program.

All students can achieve in a safe and supportive environment

All student have the opportunity to excel in their academics and graduate from high school prepared for post secondary opportunities. 

Every student has the opportunity to develop career pathways to assist them in the ever changing  21st century world

All students are unique individuals and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Counseling Philosophy
The Park West/PAS Counseling team is invested in empowering our students; Empowerment to believe in their future with confidence, and to believe in their ability to persevere, plan, and execute steps in claiming the personal and professional future they desire. We believe that the mind is powerful, and if it believes it can achieve, it will achieve. Students will leave Park West with the focus on self-discipline, the importance of mental/emotional health, and a mindset to achieve.

Services offered:

Counseling services include but are not limited to the following; Individual plans that encompass emotional health, academic planning, and civic and community service. We promote a community of caring and a community of belonging through our PBIS model and our partnership with Justus4youth. We work in conjunction with SST recommendations, 504 supports, and IEP plans. We partner with PUSD School Mental Health in caring for student’s personal and emotional needs. In addition we work with community agencies that promote personal healing and trauma informed services. We also work closely with our college liaisons in creating opportunities and exposure to post- secondary options by means of college presentations, dual enrollment, field trips and mentorships. We assist with college and career planning, financial aid information/ application, and the college application process. We offer academic and personal interventions to ensure that every student has an opportunity to be seen and treated at the highest level of a holistic self.  Students are offered different modalities of self-care that address emotional well-being and academic/career planning via small group settings, individual counseling, and classroom presentations.