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At Park West students can earn 90 credits during the regular school year. Students can recover an extra 15 credits  a semester and a total of an extra 30 credits a year.

                               Semester 1                                                Semester 2

Regular school:     total of 30 credits                                total of 30 credits =  60 credits yearly

Alternative Ed:       total of 45 credits                                total of 45 credits=  90 credits yearly

Additional credit recovery options:

6th period classes after school-  can gain a minimum of 20 credits in addition to the 90 credits   

CTECH- currently being offered online due to covid. Classes are offered 2x’ s a week=10credits

Mt Sac- currently being offered online due to covid. Classes are 4x’s a week=5 credits per class

Work Experience-gain an extra 10 credits if you are currently employed.

Information to Be Aware of: 

  • Your counselor will provide you with a 2 year plan or a graduation plan at the beginning of the school year.
  • Please complete a Counseling Form if you need to meet with a counselor regarding classes, credit recovery, work experience, college/career or any personal matters that are affecting your ability to focus or complete your classes.
  • Use your tracking tool that is provided by your classroom teacher for assignment management and credits
  • Be aware of the curriculum posted by your teacher that describes the amount of completed work needed to earn your credits and the status of your grade.
  • Join additional on-line counselor’s weekly zoom meetings for an extra magic stamp that can be used for one homework assignment.
  • Be aware of any extra opportunities to collect magic stamps that can be used for an assignment
  • Weekly meetings with your counselor and parent will be necessary if you are identified as at risk of not graduating.